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govi rider

Around age of 12, I started skimboarding because of shark attacks that happened at the beach in front of my house. since I couldn't go to other beaches all the time I would take a bodyboard and slide through the coast side. When I grew up, I kept doing it even after a surf session. After a while, I found out about skimboard and I found my sport.

govi rider

I still skimboard at my home town, but from all the places around Brazil that I've been Ubatuta (Sununga, São Paulo) and the beach coast of Espirito Santo are the best.

Whenever I think of an Idol, even though we have a lot of great skimmers around the world, Nyjah, the skate athlete, is the one that comes to my mind. I admire him for his determination when skating and his focus on living the athlete life.

I have two special skimboard memories. The first is when I won 1st place of the Redbull Hard Skimming championship, one of the biggest events that happened in Brazil, helping me to gain some recognition at the sport. The second memory is when I went to the São Paulo stage of the Skimboard World Championship a few years ago, where I had met several international athletes and took part of that amazing event.

The skimboard sport is growing very fast and I hope it grows enough so athletes can live of the sport the same way it happened with surf and skate.

At first, I would like to thank God and my family for the support. I also would like to thank my sponsors for believing me, my brother for helping me out with the pictures and media, and my girlfriend for all the help and to always incentivate me.

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