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govi riderGabriele Cavalcante (Gabi) first started surfing with her mom’s surfboard when she was around 6 at a beach about 1 hour away from her house, called Praia de Maracaípe. Her mom used to go on surf contests when she was younger. Her family used to spend a lot of time at the beach and they were always teaching her how to surf. 

govi rider

Gabi’s favorite surfing spot is located about 3 hours south from her home town, a beach in Maceió state called Praia do Francês.

Pernambuco is the only state in Brazil that has shark attacks so people are not allowed to surf there. She lives in a beach called Praia de Piedade that is a shark attack area so Gabi needs to go about 20 minutes down south, by car, to surf in the closest “secure” beach called Reserva do Paiva.

Gabi’s Surf idol is Felipe Toledo. In her opinion, he is the best! “He does airs like is nothing and I love his style and how he does all fast and still have very strong and beautiful maneuvers. I am 100% inspired by him” Gabi cheered.

When asked about her best surf memory, she didn’t know how to choose the best one because it’s always good and fun for her to be competing, traveling and getting tan! Gabi emphasized that with all the advanced ideas of building surfing pools, the sport will get even more popular. Every surfer is searching for a perfect wave! But, natural spots will still be the best! Even with all environmental changes, there is nothing compared on surfing a natural spot.. feeling the breeze and the freedom!

Besides surfing, she really enjoys skateboarding and guitar!

Gabi would like to thank her mom Raquele and her dad Vilmar for never giving up on her and always helping her to make her dreams come true.

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