Jun Ogawa

govi rider

govi rider

At the age of 18, Mr. Jun Ogawa participated in the experiences of the windsurfing club of the university and made a debut at the Japanese marine sports mecca which is said to be "Shonan". He likes "Yuigahama" beach near the "Kamakura" where he started windsurfing for the first time. Now living in the prefecture of "Wakayama" near Osaka, surrounded by nature of mountains, rivers and the sea, windsurfing when the wind blows, surfing when waves are added. “It is the best location to enjoy doing marine sports” he said.


govi rider

Jun’s windsurf idol is a player named Dorian of the Netherlands. He has won a gold medal in London and Rio Olympic Games. His best windsurf memory was windsurfing alongside the dolphins under the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

He thinks windsurfing is a lifelong sport. He wants to run around the ocean by windsurfing as long as his body allows. Jun enjoys windsurf competitions around the world. He is looking forward to the sea and sightseeing in the world. When he is in Japan, he would surf and do SUP, mountain climbing, and snowboarding during winter.

Jun appreciates his parents who gave birth to such a healthy man and he is very grateful to the company "SHIMA SEIKI" who understands this sport and supports him.


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