Shing Ho

Shing Ho

govi rider

govi rider

SHING first tried wakeboarding when he was 18 years old. His friend bought a speedboat and invited him to join in. He has loved the sport ever since. However, not until he turned 21 could he afford the expensive boat rental fee.

Govi Rider Hong Kong

According to SHING, there are many good places for wakeboarding in HK such as Repulse Bay, and Tung Chung. He first started in Tai Tam, then Sai Kung which he likes the best. For this winter, he will attend training sessions in Thailand and Singapore.

The places he usually go wakeboarding are Ma On Shan and Taipo. The sea surface is ok with 70% of the time acceptable. However, the sea becomes too bumpy to ride when there are leisure boats crossing the area. As a result, he prefers Thailand’s wakeboard resort where the water surface is super flat, ideal for strengthening fundamentals and advancing skills.

“Wakeboarding” to Shing means endless pursuit to perfection. There are so many new tricks you can maneuver and master. The challenges could only become stronger, that’s why he thinks wakeboarding is an exciting, ever-growing sport. And every time he conquered a new challenging trick and won the applause of his friends, he felt an enormous sense of accomplishment.

SHING has many wakeboarding idols, but the 1st one he would say is Wan Ka Choi, dubbed as “Choi Zai”. He was the first rider Shing had seen to have performed Air Raley. SHING said the trick was so cool and stunning. He also learns perseverance from “Choi Zai”; Never Give Up!

SHING thinks Aya, the member of Thailand Wakeboard Team is great. And Hardly Clifford, the world champion is, by all means, the superstar of the wakeboard world.

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