Sofia Yau

Sofia Yau

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The Surfing sport first caught Sofia Yau’s attention last year as she took her first surf lesson at La Boca beach in ConCon in the PRO-RIDER School, and she loves the sport ever since.

govi rider

Sofia told us that Concon in Chile has the very beautiful beach that offers super easy waves that allows players continue learning and improve. Soon she will explore in Totoralillo where there is a beach located in northern Chile near La Serena.

On the beach of Concon, at the PRO RIDER school, she practices Stan Up Paddle, Longboard and Surf.

When asked about what surfing means to her, she said “Surfing for me is a complement in my life, since I study and go to school. It is a relax and a joy for me to enter the water every time I can to run some waves and be with my friends and to continue developing in the sport. Surfing gives me happiness.”

Sofia’s idol is Eva Woodland who is from Costa Rica but lives in the United States. She thinks professional surfers inspire her a lot and motivate her even more. However she comments that in Chile being a surfer as profession is very challenging.

Sofia says surfing in the future will attract many people because it is a sport to which people of any age can access it, even if you have a disability. In Chile there are world champions of adapted surfing, that show us anything can be achieved if you are determined and put effort on your part. Surfing is a very nice sport that gives relaxation and happiness

Besides surfing, she enjoys snowboarding in the winter, skateboarding and being with her family

We ask Sofia if she has anyone to thank. She replied ”Mainly I thank my parents, they have been a fundamental support in my life, they have supported me in everything they could. They made a very big sacrifice when we moved to the beach, leaving everything in Santiago, family and friends. I am very grateful for all their support and what they have done for me. I also want to thank my coach @paltasurf, he has encouraged me to continue training every day and keep improving, he is a great support for me in surfing, he helps me in everything I need to be better.”


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