SpicePilot System

surfskate SpiceSkate

GOVI®'s team had a dream: build a super-exciting, cool-looking device that makes board riders enjoy the passion of surfing anytime, anywhere. We learned literally everything by “being BOLD but PRUDENT.” Taking calculated action was our finest teacher. Our R&D had countless days with zero progress, and we’d question ourselves over and over, “Is it time to quit?” The days we felt like a failure are the days we learned most. We must hold the belief that learning never stops, the dream never stops and the challenge never stops. And best of all, we innovated the SpicePilot system (US Patent pending technology) for riders to get the best of board turning and pumping!

Thank you ALL for putting your trust in us and inspiring us every single day to develop our coolest surfskate for board riders around the world. A surfskate is a skateboard for street surfing. The front truck structure is specially designed to emulate surfing, allowing surfers to recreate wave surfing feeling and body motions. Don’t wait for your next surf trip, improve your surf skills now with GOVI®’s coolest SpiceSkate™

You can download "SpiceSkate User Manual"  (in PDF format).