Spiceskate 900 Rayhon Spiceskate 900 Rayhon

900 Type x

Meet the all-new

Perfect match between Powerful Performance and Striking Appearance

 Embarking upon your next surfskate adventure together with friends, RAYHON 900 has all the features to be ahead of the game from the start.

spiceskate 900 Rayhon
Spiceskate 900
The unique flat nose design

Provides a great board feel while the steep tail allows higher pop to the deck. Its 9-ply construction makes RAYHON 900 even stronger against impact. Moreover, the alluring Concave structure lets the pressure that you put on the edges of the deck generate superb steering and control of the board.


Spiceskate 900
Extra stability

Deck surface is 10” wide which not only offers plenty of space for maneuvering landing tricks, it also provides an ultra-smooth ride when you are into gaps, transitions or going full speed. And along with the 17” wheelbase, it just adds extra stability.

Spiceskate 900
The equipped SpicePilot TypeX Surfskate System

Make your heart race. The system’s swappable Torsion Springs (+6.8 Nm Spring Master & 4.8Nm Spring Cruise) enable pro-riders to deliver remarkable performances on all advanced tricks.

SpiceSkate | RAYHON 900


SpiceSkate | RAYHON 900