Skimboard Memories

He has two special skimboard memories. The first is when he won 1st place of the Redbull Hard Skimming championship, one of the biggest events that happened in Brazil, helping him to gain recognition in the sport. The second memory is when he went to the São Paulo stage of the Skimboard World Championship a few years ago, where he had met several international athletes and took part in that amazing event. The skimboarding sport is growing very fast and Bruno hopes it grows enough so athletes can live off the sport the same way it happened with surf and skate. Bruno would like to thank God and his family for the support. He also thanks his sponsors for believing him, his brother for helping out with the pictures and media, and his significant other for all the help and to always incentivize him.




UST World Championship 2021

Gerardo Valencia is a professional skimboarder who started skimboarding at age 15 at the beach “barra de navidad” in Mexico. He won the title of UST World Championship 2021. Gerardo’s favorite skimboarding spot is in Melaque (the boquita), Cabo San Lucas, Mex. There are some of the best beaches in Mexico with many incredible places to do skim. Samm stinett is Gerardo’s Skim idol. He got inspired when he watched his idol skimboarding in videos. His best Skim memory was when he first went to USA to compete. He has high hope that for the future of skimboarding, many more people would be practicing this sport. Besides skimboarding, he practices surfskating, surfing and fishing. Gerado always thanks his family, friends and sponsors.




Surf Memory

When asked about her best surf memory, she didn’t know how to choose the best one because it’s always good and fun for her to be competing, traveling and getting tan! Gabi emphasized that with all the advanced ideas of building surfing pools, the sport will get even more popular. Every surfer is searching for a perfect wave! But, natural spots will still be the best! Even with all environmental changes, there is nothing compared on surfing a natural spot.. feeling the breeze and the freedom!





My name is Jennica Lowell and I am a surfer and photographer from the Pacific Northwest of the United States. It is a special area with big beautiful mountains for snowboarding, surf-lined beaches, and amazing skate parks all over! I work in the adventure / outdoors industry doing marketing and freelance work for clients. I am also a professional photographer and do some work here and there on the side as well. For now, I am living and working remotely from my studio in Bocas del Toro, Panama. It is a small and colorful island surf town surrounded by jungle and ocean. It is a dream!





she goes surfing whenever she can and is a big part of her life. She was three-times Canary Islands Champion, National Champion (spain) by Autonomous Communities both in Open. Her trainings are based in surf as much as she possibly can, improving her technique, flow and trying new maneuvers. But local condition is not always appropriate for her to train in the water with frequent weather changes in the ocean, that’s why she uses SpiceSkate, to keep working on her surfing technique during flat days or even in bad weather conditions. The SpiceSkate surfskates have a technology with a perfect feeling to concrete surfing. She feels it really helps her trying maneuvers out of the water making the same movement over and over again. And the most important for her is that she has so much fun surfskating, which is the beauty of the sport.




It ’s great!!

Sina Luxor is an Egyptian and danish girl who lives in a van in Portugal. She likes to surf and skate , and SpiceSkate allows her to do both ! She practices her surf technique and carves , it's great in bowls because she really gets the feeling that she’s surfing a wave. And downhills are super fun because she can carve endlessly.

Jose Junior Huilcapaco



Swiss MasterCraft team

Jose Junior Huilcapaco started getting involved in the world of water sports at the age of 7, when his sister gave him his first surfboard. It was a gift that changed his life. He started practicing on the coast of his native country, Peru. Jose has a deep passion for water sports and also wakesurf on European lakes as part of the Swiss MasterCraft team. In addition, he trains with SpiceSkate technology, which improves his performance in all the sports he practices. He believes the future of water sports as a whole will be even more exciting and technologically advanced

Fynn Kong

South Korea


Fynn Kong’s idol is Ray Barbee

A renowned skateboarder in the 80s. He enjoys watching Ray masterfully ride the board with style and joy. Fynn remembered the first time he got to know surfskating was at the end of Year 2022 when he and his friend found a local skateshop that sells surfskates. Since then he has fallen in love with the sport. To Fynn, surfskating is basically a mixture of surf and skate, with simple math, it's fun^2. His favorite spot for surfskating is Water Gate 6 in Taipei. It is mostly preferred to longboarders and surfskaters due to its huge, flat, and smooth ground. Compared to Korea where he came from, Fynn said the skating scenes in Taipei are much more alive and growing at a crazy speed. There is a remarkable level of increased population who enjoy surfskating.