SpiceSkate okto SpiceSkate okto

The most advanced SpiceSkate® Surfskate System upgrade ever. The innovation of tension springs cluster, or Capsule as we call it, has redefined the meaning of Torsion Force in the surfskate industry. The patented state-of-the-art unique structure of the Capsule is meticulously designed to generate ultrasmooth, balanced and powerful torsion force to emulate surfing, allowing riders to perfectly recreate wave surfing feeling and body motions. OKTO offers 3 swappable Capsules with various torque strengths for different riding experiences.

spiceskate okto 810
Spiceskate okto REEF

 Torque Strength 3.3Nm for players that want to enjoy easy riding and carving

Spiceskate okto RIVERMOUTH

 Torque Strength 4.5Nm that aims for more power and speed generation

spiceskate okto DOUBLE-UP

Torque Strength 5.5Nm. Strive for strongest rebounds from pumping, maintaining the fastest speed in a tight carve


Lightweight and superior durability makes OKTO ready for hard impact, almost anywhere

Top-Notch Aluminium Alloy A356.2-T6 with Gravity Die Casting technology

Capsule : Austenitic Stainless Steel Grade 304 with Investment Casting technology

Tension Springs Cluster: Made of High Strength Piano Wire with Lead Bath Quenching technology