850/852 Series

The OKTOSURF Adapter allows for a wide range of motion during turns, providing an even more dynamic and surf-like experience. By leaning into the turns and using the OKTOSURF Adapter's optimized turning radius, riders achieve super smooth and arcing turns with acceleration, very similar to how pro surfers generate high speed by pumping their legs on a wave.

Super Strong Deck Construction

Makes it nearly effortless to turn your board even faster, with the right amount of pressure and control. Perfect lean into tight corners, SALVIA 850’s Concave helps you comfortably stay in place.

The One-Of-A-Kind Feel of the Concave

Deck surface is 10” wide which not only offers plenty of space for maneuvering landing tricks, it also provides an ultra-smooth ride when you are into gaps, transitions or going full speed. And along with the 18.5” wheelbase, it just adds extra stability.

All-new OKTOSURF System

An all-new OKTOSURF System architecture that delivers a maximum of 8.5Nm torsion force, combining the Top-Notch Aluminium Alloy A356.2-T6 with Gravity Die Casting technology and a ground-breaking swappable capsules made of Austenitic Stainless Steel Grade 304.